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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that occurs in people who witness or experience a traumatic event. It was first identified in Vietnam War veterans in the 1970s who suffered debilitating flashbacks of their war memories. It can occur in soldiers, civilians who live through war, survivors of sexual assault and child abuse, or even those who experience a serious car crash.

A person with PTSD has various triggers that remind them of the traumatic event. For example, a tire exploding can induce a traumatic flashback in a war veteran, since it sounds similar to a gunshot. Memories of the trauma are accompanied by intense physical and emotional reactions, such as sudden terror, anxiety, and depression. Traumatic memories can recur regularly, even in the form of nightmares, and severely hamper a person’s life.

Benefits of PTSD Treatment with Ketamine

The recent discovery of ketamine’s effectiveness in treating mood disorders is a game-changer for treating PTSD. Traditionally, PTSD has been treated with medications such as SSRIs, plus psychological counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. But for some patients, even these generally effective, evidence-based treatments have not been sufficient.

Even one dose of ketamine, carefully administered in a medical setting, has been shown to make a huge difference for patients suffering from PTSD. Though the precise mechanism is not yet understood, ketamine may affect the area of the brain involved in processing traumatic memories, allowing these memories to be absorbed and the accompanying trauma to be released.

No one should have to live with PTSD when there are treatments available. Visit the California Pain Medicine Center and ask about ketamine treatment for PTSD.

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