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We tailor an approach that begins with a thorough evaluation and precise treatment plan. The initial interventions will be conservative and then become more dynamic if required. We use a treatment model that places active involvement in patient care. Dr. Prager and Dr. Barnard have backgrounds in various disciplines, including physical medicine, rehabilitation, clinical psychology, neurobiofeedback, and physical therapy. We incorporate the latest advances in our treatments to manage pain and treat spinal cord anomalies. Our pain management technology includes implantable devices such as spinal cord stimulators and neuroaxial drug delivery systems.

Additionally, we offer modalities that include injections and pharmacological treatments. Patients can also enjoy access to our residential pain management rehabilitation program. For additional specialized care, we will refer patients to subspecialty physicians at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. Our facility is conveniently located just blocks away from the center.


California Pain Medicine Center

The California Pain Medicine Centers has existed for 18 years and the Center for the Rehabilitation of Pain Syndromes (CRPS) was established 15 years ago.

These practices have collectively evolved from an initial pain practice that began full-time in 1991. Thus, the practice has a history of almost a quarter century of providing quality care and leadership in pain medicine. During this time, the practice has established itself as the premier quality pain practice in Southern California and is recognized both nationally and internationally for the care delivered related to Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS), neuromodulation, comprehensive interdisciplinary functional rehabilitation, and spinal diagnostics and therapeutics. This has been accomplished without any formal advertising or marketing. The center has developed its reputation by providing high-quality care, with well communicated documentation to its referring physicians. In addition, the center has produced numerous publications in highly regarded peer-reviewed journals. Research has been conducted for many established pain treatment modalities. The center because of its work has been recognized consistently in the mass media for better than two decades and has continued with national coverage on two television shows in the last several months.

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Similarly, the center’s capability for comprehensive evaluation for neuromodulatory (spinal cord stimulation and implantable drug delivery systems) procedures, revision of a previously implanted devices, ability to capture difficult targets, delivery and optimization of complex intrathecal pharmacological regimens, as well as its extensive history of long-term management of neuromodulation patients is the basis for the Center’s reputation as a Center of Excellence for implantation of devices for control of pain and spasticity.

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