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Intrathecal drug delivery is also referred to as a “pain pump”. This method allows the medication to be transmitted directly to the spinal cord. The small pump is surgically placed in the abdomen and delivers constant medication through a catheter to the area around the spinal cord. The “pain pump” is a viable option if all other methods have been exhausted and unsuccessful.

Medication is delivered directly to the spinal cord and the symptoms can be managed with a smaller dose than with traditional oral medication. The pump can help manage symptoms and reduce the need for oral medications. The area around the spinal cord is known as the subarachnoid or intrathecal space. Cerebrospinal fluid flows through this space and protects the brain and spinal cord. The pump is more effective than regular oral medication because it transmits medication directly to the CSF.

Intrathecal Pump
Intrathecal Pump

Direct Delivery of Medicine to the Spinal Cord

The pump device is a round metal device that is similar in size to a hockey puck. Dr. Joshua Prager and Dr. Marilyn Jacobs will surgically implant the device under the skin in the abdomen. The device contains a space known as the reservoir, which carries the medicine contents. The medication will be released slowly over time. It can be programmed to distribute medication at different periods or times throughout the day.

Patients who are good candidates for intrathecal pump medicine delivery include those who have tried previous therapies, will not benefit from additional surgery, are dependent on pain medication, experience no psychological problems, have no medical conditions that may obstruct implantation, have no allergies to the drugs involved, and have a positive response to the trial medicine.

There is additional information available regarding the benefits and procedures involved in intrathecal medicine delivery at our office. To discuss your candidacy for this treatment, please call our office or walk-in to speak with our staff.

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