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Management for Tennis Elbow

It’s a sad fact of life that some of the things we love are quietly hurting us. This is true for the punishing games we play, the sports we take part in that result in undeniable wear and tear.

Consider Andre Agassi for a moment. He achieved ultimate tennis greatness, yet his body paid a price which is well documented in his autobiography (which is a fantastic read if you ever get a shot!).

Any tennis player worth their salt knows about tennis elbow, and those who walk the walk when it comes to their game might be playing through a nasty case of tennis elbow as we speak.

But what used to be a condition you had to tough through is now treated more easily through cutting-edge PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments. What could Agassi have done if he had this amazing treatment at his disposal? Who knows?

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow (also referred to as lateral epicondylitis), is a common condition that falls under the tendinopathy category. This happens when the tissues or tendons that run along the side of your elbow begin to break down.

PRP for Elbow Pain
PRP for Elbow Pain

PRP for Tennis Elbow at CPMC

PRP pain management isn’t something that’s only available to top-notch athletes. Everyday people use it for injury or discomfort such as tennis elbow.

If your tennis elbow is keeping you out of the game, let’s put a stop to it today. Dr. Rudd-Barnard is our PRP pain management specialist; he’s been treating patients with tennis elbow for years with amazing results. Contact California Pain Medicine Center today and let’s get proactive about your wellness.

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