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Neurostimulation therapy is applied using a spinal cord stimulator. This is similar to a pacemaker and is implanted underneath the surface of the skin.  The neurostimulator provides mild electrical pulses to the spine and creates a pleasant sensation in the area where pain is experienced.

Spinal cord stimulation helps pain by modifying the signals sent to the brain. The neurostimulator sends mild electrical pulses that outpace the pain signal to the brain. Instead of feeling pain, a tingling and soothing sensation is felt in the affected area.

Spinal Cord Stimulator
Spinal Cord Stimulator

Neurostimulation Therapy

The strength and location of stimulation can be modified with a programmer. Patients can regulate different levels of stimulation at various times for activities such as sleeping, walking, or sitting. Dr. Joshua Prager and Dr. Marilyn Jacobs can adjust the neurostimulation system and settings through their computer. A handheld remote device can be used at home to provide optimized pain management for certain activities.

The spinal cord stimulator functions without producing any noise. It may be seen as a small bump under the skin, but will not show through clothes. For additional information regarding the procedure for spinal cord stimulation, please contact our office.

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