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Patients managing depression and have not benefited from traditional treatments have an alternative solution with ketamine. Depression is a state of mind that can place difficulties on the affected patient. Their symptoms can include feelings of fatigue, agitation, and difficulties with concentration.

Ketamine has become popular for treating depression. It is used in numerous emergency clinics and hospitals for treating depressed patients considering thoughts of suicide. The drug works by blocking brain receptors known as N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). The rapid effects and improvements in depression make them favored by patients with suicidal tendencies.

Ketamine for Depression
Ketamine for Depression

An Alternative Treatment for Depression Symptoms

The treatment may last for 40 minutes and its effects can continue for days. Some patients can experience significant improvements that result in them no longer being classified as depressed. The dramatic turnaround in well-being patients experience has led to additional adoptions of ketamine at clinics and hospitals.

Ketamine does have side effects that may be undesirable for patients. It can interrupt blood supply to the brain and reduce concentration. Some pharmaceutical companies are developing variants of the ketamine drug that maintains its antidepressant effects, but removes its symptoms and side effects.

For more information about the use of ketamine in depression management, please call California Pain Medicine Center and schedule an appointment.

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