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California Pain Medicine Center provides treatment and evaluation for injured. During the consultation, we will provide an accurate diagnosis of the condition which will allow for the development of individualized treatment plans. We help patients successfully manage pain and successfully resume work. Our multi-faceted approach ensures quality treatment based on an accurate diagnosis.

A Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s injury by a trained physiatrist, psychologist, and physical therapist. A treatment recommendation is developed after a diagnosis of the current physical, functional, and psychological barriers to rehabilitation.

Restore Comfortable Movement for Optimal Physical Activity

Functional restoration programs are interdisciplinary, outpatient pain management programs for patients experiencing sub-acute or persistent pain. They include coordinated treatment with a pain physician, psychologist, and physical therapist. The programs are coordinated to meet individual patient needs. Functional restoration describes the process by which a patient acquires the knowledge to enhance their quality of life and restore optimal function.

Psychological treatments are composed of individual psychotherapy, group classes, and seminars. Patients will develop their active coping skills, reduce stress, perform relaxation exercises, and change maladaptive behaviors. A sleep seminar is helpful for patients managing acute pain, stress, and chronic pain.

Functional Restoration
Functional Restoration

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Functional capacity evaluations provide a comprehensive evaluation measuring the ability of patients to perform physical work-related tasks without experiencing injury. It can also determine any barriers to treatment. The evaluations are performed by a physical therapist who is trained in treating chronic pain.

Work conditioning or hardening helps patients return to work and improve performance of daily tasks. This includes determining clear patient-demonstrated work abilities and restrictions. Medical legal evaluations are also offered and supplemented with psychological evaluation services. This includes spinal cord stimulator evaluations and psychological consultations. The evaluations include diagnostic interviews, psychological assessments, and psychological reports.

Our medical staff can provide legal medical evaluations. Contact Cindy Chavez at Ext. 100 for more details.

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